New Energy Program

Allocation: $350M

Will cover 100% or up to a maximum of $30,000 in renewable energy systems installation costs for residents that own a single-family structure in which they reside full time. The household income for the families that will be served under this Program must be under 80% of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI).

If you got a ticket you have until July 31, 2024 to complete your application
by sending the required documentation. Complete application here.


It has been historically proven that the pre-existing infrastructure of the electric grid in Puerto Rico is unreliable and does not meet the needs of our communities. This reality is evident every time a disaster strikes, and prolonged power outages pose a health and safety threat that worsens with each passing day as power and related services remain unavailable to the homes. The Island’s citizens deserve to have options to address this critical need for power and basic services.

Furthering the mitigation to future disasters, the Puerto Rico Department of Housing will be implementing the New Energy Program, designed to assist eligible households providing renewable energy installations, therefore mitigating the effects of Energy Lifeline failure or disruption.


Program Guidelines (3.0) -- Posted on 10/13/2023Download
Round Reference Guide -- Posted on 01/16/2024Download

    *This program is referred in the CDBG-MIT Action Plan as the Community Energy and Water Resilience Installations Program – Household (CEWRI-HH)

    Household Eligibility Criteria for the New Energy Program:

    • At least one member of the applicant household must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien;
    • The Property must be a single-family structure;
    • The applicant household must use the Property as their primary residence;
    • The applicant must own or have proprietary interest over the Property;

    The household must qualify as very low-income:

    Please DO NOT include the income you receive from social security in your total income. This will be considered when determining your eligibility.

    Adjusted Income Limits 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons 7 Persons 8 Persons
    80% Income Limits $33,600 $38,400 $43,200 $48,000 $51,850 $55,700 $59,550 $63,400
    Adjusted Income Limits 80% Income Limits
    1 Person $33,600
    2 Persons $38,400
    3 Persons $43,200
    4 Persons $48,000
    5 Persons $51,850
    6 Persons $55,700
    7 Persons $59,550
    8 Persons $63,400

    Intake Process

    The New Energy Program accepted applications through rounds following these steps:

    Step 01
    Program Application Tickets Distribution:

    Available application slots (i.e. tickets) for the Program Round are distributed to citizens that pass an initial screening process regarding the Program Round’s eligibility criteria. Each citizen that passes the initial screening process will be provided a New Energy Program Ticket valid for the submission of an application within one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days of the ticket being issued.

    Step 02
    Program Applications Intake:

    Those that obtain a New Energy Program Ticket will gather the data and documentation required for the submission of the Program’s Application. The documentation includes a System Quote from a Program-approved REIC of the Applicant’s choosing.

    Single-family homeowners obtained a ticket to apply for assistance from the New Energy Program through the following methods:

    4,000 tickets
    (Equitable regional distribution.)

    1,000 tickets
    (First come first serve, Using a call back method)
    787-522-5950 TTY (audioimpaired)

    1,000 tickets
    (100 tickets per location)

    *Ticket and/or grant agreement is not transferable.

    To facilitate the process of obtaining the benefits of the Program, get oriented and request a quote with participating authorized installation companies.

    Learn how to apply for the New Energy Program

    How to obtain a ticket

    How to complete an application

    Intake Centers to obtain a ticket

    Below, you will find a list of the New Energy Program Intake Centers along with each one’s contact information. Intake centers are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Map showing intake locations for NEP.

    ICF Locations

    San Juan
    Las Vistas Shopping Center – Suite 31
    Ave. Felisa Rincón – Suite 31
    San Juan, PR 00926
    Rochelaise Center – Suite 103
    State Road 114 Km 5.4
    Mayagüez, PR 00608
    Vega Alta
    Plaza del Mar Shopping Center – Suite 208
    PR-693 Km. 138
    Vega Alta, PR 00692
    Aguadilla Shopping Center
    PR-2 (W) – Aguadilla Pueblo
    Aguadilla, PR 00603
    Highway PR 2,
    Intersection Highway 493,
    Branch 4490,
    Bo. Carrizales, in Hatillo, PR 00659

    PLEXOS Locations

    Plaza del Carmen Mall
    32 Ave. Luis Muñoz Marín
    Caguas, PR 00725
    Montesol Shopping Center
    PR-3 Km. 49
    Fajardo, PR 00738
    Ponce Mall
    PR-2 Km 225
    Ponce, PR 00717
    Plaza Yabucoa Shopping Center
    Catalina Morales St.
    Yabucoa, PR 00767
    Escuela Intermedia Urbana
    PR-155, Km 27.5
    Orocovis, PR 00720

    System Eligibility Criteria:

    All CEWRI-HH Systems must be installed by a Program-approved Renewable Energy Installation Company (REIC). Click here for the list of Program-approved REICs.

    The minimum system requirements are:

    • The System must be PVS + BSS or Addition of BSS to Existing PVS;
    • Minimum Capacities of 3kW for photovoltaic generation and 9kW for battery storage;
    • Photovoltaic panels must be installed on Property’s roof;
    • Batteries of lithium-ion chemistry;
    • System must be permanently affixed to Property; and
    • Installation cannot begin until an award is executed with the Program.

    Awards and Conditions

    Eligible participants can receive an award of up to 100% of the cost or $30,000, whichever is less, for the installation of a renewable energy system. The award amount can cover costs of design, permitting, equipment, mounting and anchoring, installation, commissioning, and training to Program participants about PVS do’s and don’ts.

    Awards will be binding upon eligible applicants and PRDOH through execution of a Reserve Grant Agreement.

    The award is subject to the following conditions:

    • The eligible applicant is free to choose from any of the Program-approved REICs;
    • The eligible applicant is responsible for paying for costs not covered by the award;
    • The applicant’s household and property must follow the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program.
    • The eligible applicant is responsible for ensuring compliance with System eligibility requirements and any environmental mitigation requirements of the award. Program-approved REICs will assist applicants in this regard;
    • The eligible applicant is responsible for completing the System installation in a period that does not exceed twelve (12) months. The REIC selected by each Participant will be in charge of the installation process and any warranty claims;
    • PRDOH, through an authorized representative, will inspect all systems after installation is completed to verify compliance with the Program’s requirements.

    List of Renewable Energy Installation Companies (REIC)

    *They appear in random order each time you visit this page.